Lyrics from jongenjournalist.wordpress.com JHENE AIKO The Vapors Lyrics, singer by JHENE AIKO

[Verse 1]
You been on my mind
I been tryna let it go
I been tryna find
Somethin’ as incredible
As you and I
But that’s a never
No feeling can compare to you
You just gotta let me know

[Hook 2x:]
Can I hit it again?
Can I hit it again?
Can I hit it again?
Can I hit it again?

(Take me over…
I’m under your control)

[Verse 2]
You stay on the grind
I’m always available
Rollin’ in my ride
So I gotta take it slow
You got me so high
Up, up and away we go
Racing to the sky
I’m feelin’ unfadable
‘Cause the vapors
Can save us
And take us
And make us believe
That we are free
We can be free
So can I please


[Verse 3 – Vince Staples:]
Please don’t rain on my parade
The falling from the sky
Just remind me of the days when you was crying for attention
I ignored it as a phase until you couldn’t
Take tension
Now I wish you would have stayed
Walking through the smoke and mirrors
I’m burdened, you burning bridges
Memories fading faded it help you not to remember
The trials and tribulations
Eyes red from crying
The perfect way to disguise it you was
Blinded by our fate
Please don’t rain on my parade ’cause this
Float was built for you
Kinda hard to chase you down when you
Floating through the room
All you wanted was the truth and all I wanted was my way
Regardless how I word the phrase all you
Tend to hear me say is




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